Mouldboards Made To Suit Local Conditions Save Time & Cost

Replacement Mouldboards

PRF Mouldboards manufacture and directly supply the only New Zealand made mouldboards to the agricultural sector.  

About the Mouldboards

PRF mouldboards are manufactured from a plastic that has a super low coefficient of friction, therefore it requires less horsepower to pull the plough through the soil. This particular plastic is often referred to as the world’s toughest polymer. It has a very high abrasion resistance along with high impact strength and is equal to or better than the material plough manufacturers use for their original plastic mouldboard’s.


Replacements for

We fabricate equivalent plastic mouldboards for replacement of the following manufacturers OEM mouldboards. 

  • Kverneland
  • Overum
  • Kuhn

Our PRF Mouldboards are sold with a full set of fasteners.

We also supply replacement plastic mouldboards for the following:

  • Gregorie Beeson
  • Lemken
  • Pottinger
  • Klough
  • Howard Swing Plough



Why PRF Mouldboards

Being Kiwi made we are close to our market and we offer easy delivery and payment in New Zealand dollars. We freight our PRF Mouldboards direct to your door – why wait for a shipment to come in? And with our money back guarantee on workmanship and quality you have nothing to lose.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? We can often help, so get in touch – we are always looking to develop new products and work with customers to enhance performance, so please let us know here.


For a full range on our current products, please contact us.

We welcome inquiry from agents, distributors, contractors, and farmers directly on all products including Rabe, DuncanAG etc.


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